• GENE_NAME : CD10

    CD_NAME : CD10

    DESC: membrane metallo-endopeptidase; neutral endopeptidase; enkephalinase; CALLA; CD10
    HI10a IgG1  Chen  BD Biosciences
    MEM-78 IgG1 Horejsi BioLegend
    SN5c IgG1  Seon  AbD Serotec
    W8E7 IgG2a  Commercial  BD Biosciences
    MEM-78 IgG1 Tinsley Novus Biologicals
    HI10a IgG1  Chen  BioLegend
    SN5c IgG1  Seon  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    MEM-78 Mouse IgG1 Horejsi EXBIO Praha
    24.1 IgG3 Braun M
    79 unknown Bai
    97C5 IgG1  Bühring 
    AL2 IgG2b  LeBacq-Verheyden 
    AL3 IgM  LeBacq-Verheyden 
    ALB2 unknown  Boucheix 
    B-E3 IgG2a  Vermot-Desroches
    BA-3 IgG2  LeBien 
    BL-A11 IgG1  Fiebig 
    CLB-CALLA1 unknown  von den Borne 
    F2B1.10 IgG1  Poncelet 
    F103.11 IgG1  Plesner 
    HI10a IgG1  Chen  BD Biosciences
    HI10b IgG1  Chen 
    IF-6 IgG1  Fujimoto 
    IF-6 IgG1  Fujimoto 
    J5 IgG2a  Ritz J 
    J13 IgM  Ritz 
    K14 IgG2b  Bernard 
    K50 IgG3  Bernard 
    M-L57 unknown  Rieber 
    MEM-78 IgG1 Horejsi BioLegend
    NL-1 IgG2a  Ueda R 
    NU-N1 unknown  Yokoyama 
    NU-N2 unknown  Yokoyama 
    PHM6 unknown  Kraft 
    RPH-12 IgG3  Erber 
    S-8 unknown  Pesando 
    SJ5-1B4 IgG1  Johnson 
    SN5c IgG1  Seon  AbD Serotec
    SS-2/36 unknown  Mason 
    SYB4 unknown  Breard 
    UL-93 IgM  Raghavachar 
    UL-96 IgM  Raghavachar 
    VILA1 IgM  Knapp 
    W8E7 IgG2a  Commercial  BD Biosciences
    WCMH15.14 IgG1  Cassano 
    Wu174 IgG1  Wang 
    MEM-78 IgG1 Tinsley Novus Biologicals
    HI10a IgG1  Chen  BioLegend
    SN5c IgG1  Seon  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    MEM-78 Mouse IgG1 Horejsi EXBIO Praha

    CD10 is a type 2 transmembrane glycoprotein of M13 family.1-2 It displays a short cytoplasmatic N-terminal domain involved in signaling.1 The long extracellular C-terminal domain has catalytic activity and contains a zincin motif.1, 3-4

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    Biologically active peptides including enkephalins1-2, fMLP3, neurotensin4, substance P4-5, amyloid β-peptide6, bradykinin1,3, angiotensin I and II1, oxytocin7, endothelins8, calcitonin gene-related peptide5, FGF-29, IL1 beta10, atrial natriuretic factor11 and bombesin-like peptides. 12

    Intracellular associate molecules

    Lyn13, PTEN14 and ERM proteins.15

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  • GENE_NAME : CD10

    CD_NAME : CD10

    CD10 is expressed transiently on different stages of B-cell maturation. CD10 is displayed on common lymphoid progenitors, pro-B cells, pre-B cells I and II, immature B cells and transitional B cells but not in mature B cells.1-3 Expression of CD10 is recovered on follicular center B cells.4

    It is also expressed on neutrophils5, fibroblasts6, endometrial stromal cells7, renal tubular and glomerular cells8, myoepithelial cells of adult breast8, epithelial cells of prostate9, colon10, stomach10 and fetal small intestine8, immature lymphoid cells11, fetal thymocytes11, canaliculi surface of hepatocytes12, astrocytes13, neuronal cells14, bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells15, adipose-derived stem cell16, mammary stem cells17, granulocytes18, apoptotic T cells19 and follicular helper T cells. 20

    It is lowly present on endothelial cells6 and prostate stromal cells. 9

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  • GENE_NAME : CD10

    CD_NAME : CD10

    CD10 is a zinc-dependent metalloendoprotease which cleaves several biologically active peptides.1 It regulates inflammation through degradation of proinflammatory molecules.2 CD10 is also involved in metabolizing amyloid B-peptides in the brain and regulates the maturation of B cells in mice.3-4 CD10 processes several neuropeptides including enkephalins and substance P.5-6 Last, CD10 modulates both lung and breast morphogenesis.7-8

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  • GENE_NAME : CD10

    CD_NAME : CD10

    Cell marker

    Can be used for the identification of the stage of B cells1 and for classification of B cell leukemias and lymphomas.2 CD10 is also a marker of renal and hepatic neoplasias3-4, endometrial and thyroid neoplasms.5-6

    Useful as a prognostic marker in cancer including breast carcinoma7, ovarian cancer8, head and neck squamous carcinoma9, prostate cancer10,acute lymphoblastic leukemia11 and renal malignancies.4

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    As an enzyme, inhibitors of CD10 are currently being used for therapy. Acertophan is used for treatment of acute diarrhea.1 Sacubitril/valsartan, a dual agent that consists of the angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker and a CD10 inhibitor, is administered in patients with chronic heart failure and reduced ejection fraction.2-3 Furthermore, clinicals trials support the use of sacubitril/valsartan for treating hypertension.4

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  • GENE_NAME : CD10

    CD_NAME : CD10


    DESC membrane metallo-endopeptidase; neutral endopeptidase; enkephalinase; CALLA; CD10


    HGNC_LOCUS_TAG: 7154
    NCBI_MAP: 3q25.1-q25.2
    GENE_SIZE: 104034
    PRCORENC: 99 to 2351
    ENTREN: ENST00000360490
    NCBI_REF_SEF_ENTRY: NP_000893 , 4505203
    PR_MO_WEIGHT: 85382
    PR_SW_PR: 5.54
    IPI_NUMBER: IPI00247063
    ENSM_NUMBER: P09473

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