• GENE_NAME : CD18

    CD_NAME : CD18

    DESC: integrin; beta 2 (antigen CD18 (p95); lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1; macrophage antigen 1 (mac-1) beta subunit)
    6.7 IgG1 Bensussan BD Biosciences
    68-5A5 IgG2a  Vilella  AbD Serotec
    BU86 IgG1  Hardie  AbD Serotec
    CLB-LFA-1/1 IgG1  Miedema  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    L130 IgG1  Warner  BD Biosciences
    MEM-148 IgG1  Horejsi  AbD Serotec
    TS1/18 IgG1 Springer BioLegend
    YFC118.3 IgG2b  Waldmann H  AbD Serotec
    MEM-148 Mouse IgG1 Horejsi EXBIO Praha
    1B4 IgG2a  Wright 
    6.7 IgG1 Bensussan BD Biosciences
    7E4 IgG1k van Agthoven
    11H6 IgG2a  Bühring 
    60.3 IgG2a Beatty PG
    68-5A5 IgG2a  Vilella  AbD Serotec
    AZN-L18 IgG1  van Kooyk 
    AZN-L27 IgG1  van Kooyk 
    BAQ30A IgG1 Davis
    BU86 IgG1  Hardie  AbD Serotec
    BU87 IgG2a  Hardie 
    CBR LFA-1/2 IgG1  Petruzzelli 
    CBR LFA-1/7 IgG1  Petruzzelli 
    CBR M1/19 IgG2a  Diamond 
    CLB-LFA-1/1 IgG1  Miedema  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    GRF1 IgG1k  Garrido 
    H20A IgG1 Davis
    HUH82A IgG2a Davis
    IC11 IgG1  Kornbluth 
    L130 IgG1  Warner  BD Biosciences
    M232 IgG1  Bernard 
    MAY.017 IgG1  Ohashi Y. 
    MEM-148 IgG1  Horejsi  AbD Serotec
    MHM23 IgG1  Hildreth JEK 
    TS1/18 IgG1 Springer BioLegend
    TS1/18.1 unknown  Springer 
    TS1/ IgG1  Springer 
    TS1/18.11 IgG1  Sanchez-Madrid F 
    YFC 51.1 IgG2b  Waldmann H 
    YFC118.3 IgG2b  Waldmann H  AbD Serotec
    ZCH-7-2F10 IgG1 Tang
    MEM-148 Mouse IgG1 Horejsi EXBIO Praha

    CD18 is a β chain of the integrin family. It is a transmembrane glycoprotein with a large extracellular portion and a small cytoplasmic tail. The extracellular part contains a conserved region rich in cysteines divided into 4 tandem repeats. In addition, as other β chain integrins, CD18 contains in the extracellular region a plexin-semaphorin-integrin domain, an I-like domain and four I-EGF folds followed by a β-tail domain. 1-3 Apart from the membrane- bound form, CD18 can also be found in a soluble form.4

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    It interacts in cis with CD11a, CD11b, CD11c and CD11d. The ligands of the integrins constituted with the combination of CD18 and the corresponding CD11 will be explained in the CD11 section.1-2

    Intracellular associate molecules

    Cytohesin-13, alpha-actinin4, filamin5, talin6, Yes5, Lyn7, SYK8, Rack1 9, radixin10, PKC11, JAB112, FHL213, DOK114, Dab15, calpain 16 and 14-3-3 proteins.17

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  • GENE_NAME : CD18

    CD_NAME : CD18

    CD18 is expressed in all leukocytes in combination with an alpha chain. With CD11d, it is expressed on macrophages, monocytes, neutrophils and eosinophils. With CD11c, it is expressed on monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells and NK cells. With CD11b, it is expressed on monocytes, macrophages, NK cells, neutrophils and γδ T cells. Last, with CD11a, it is present in all leukocytes.1-2

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  • GENE_NAME : CD18

    CD_NAME : CD18

    As part of an integrin, CD18 is involved in adhesion processes, although the precise role depends on the alpha-subunit that is bound to CD18. When combined with CD11a, it participates in the slow-rolling of leukocytes, arrest, diapedesis and lateral migration for their extravasation. 1-5 Another role is to mediate the formation of the immune synapse.6 When combined with CD11b, it is involved in phagocytosis, adhesion, remodeling of the extracellular matrix, cell survival and immune tolerance.7-13 When combined with CD11c, it plays a role in adhesion, phagocytosis and migration of leukocytes. 13-14 Last, when bound to CD11d, it regulates cell spreading and inflammatory signalling.15

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  • GENE_NAME : CD18

    CD_NAME : CD18

    Cell marker

    Truncated CD18 is a useful marker for activated myeloid cells.1

    The lack of CD18 expression can be used in the diagnosis of acute promyelocytic leukemia. 2 In B cell lymphomas, its expression is associated with survival.3

    1. Drbal K, Angelisová P, Hilgert I, Cerný J, Novák P, Horejsí V. A proteolytically truncated form of free CD18, the common chain of leukocyte integrins, as a novel marker of activated myeloid cells. Blood. 2001;98:1561-6.

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    Antibodies against CD18 have largely been studied in the context of ischemia, multiple sclerosis and heart attack. Preclinical studies in those areas displayed promising results. However, when introduced to clinical studies, anti-CD18 antibodies failed completely to achieve the goals of the studies.1-4

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  • GENE_NAME : CD18

    CD_NAME : CD18


    DESC integrin; beta 2 (antigen CD18 (p95); lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1; macrophage antigen 1 (mac-1) beta subunit)


    HGNC_LOCUS_TAG: 6155
    NCBI_MAP: 21q22.3
    GENE_SIZE: 34919
    PRCORENC: 73 to 2382
    ENTREN: ENST00000302347
    NCBI_REF_SEF_ENTRY: NP_000202 , 4557886
    PR_MO_WEIGHT: 84790
    PR_SW_PR: 6.57
    IPI_NUMBER: IPI00291792
    ENSM_NUMBER: P05107

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